Resurgence of SARTQ

Originally posted on MCFADDEN CREATIVE by Stephen McFadden

Back in 2010, I was invited to the SARTQ Print Party, by my friend Jaszy, where I got to meet a lot of the “movers & shakers” of Sarasota for the first time. Over the next few years, I attended most of the s/ART/q exhibitions and print parties. The events always drew big crowds and was always a great place to meet other creatives. Those events truly opened up the city to me.

At the time, I felt the exhibitions and parties would make for great videos. So, I would bring my camera along and document the events. Unfortunately, SARTQ fizzled out but after a two year break, the organization is making a comeback as a 501c3 and they will be hosting another print party March 21st to jumpstart the resurgence of the group.

The group is now taking submissions for new members and will probably be a much bigger organization than before. I’m truly excited to see what’s in store for SARTQ. Sarasota needs an organization like this.

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