Andrew Long

My work stems from a fascination for the ability of a common material, basic and plastic in its raw state, to be formed by primordial fire into a permanent object – an object that records our needs, tastes, and desires. The essence of the material is expressed by the feeling of a soft, malleable substance that allows the moment of creation to express the maker’s intent, one that converses with its users and admirers. My goal is not to try to extol craft as something separate from art, or a sacred process that should be protected and preserved. Rather, I feel more so than ever the ability of ceramics to function as an extension of our daily lives and recollections. Like the objects themselves, the feelings and memories that are formed are more important than ever. The greatest power of a functional artist is the ability to work with a physical intimacy that exists far beyond the pedestal and the gallery wall, as an expression of experience.