Larry Forgard

Larry Forgard

Artists are the visual and conceptual explorers. I have to challenge my intellect with new and changing techniques, concepts, as well as new ways of handling material. Inspiration leads me to new discoveries which continually change, nudging me along in this artistic universe. Many of my pieces continue to incorporate an integration of the figure, with textures weaving in and out of vague environments that surround us. We are part of this texture with dynamic figure forms of shape and color. Other inspiration comes from the great Austrian artist Gustav Klimt who incorporated wonderful patterns woven into the figure forms and surrounding environment. They became shapes of their own with an individual personality unlike the abstract textures that I use in many of my other paintings.

My other discoveries continue with concepts depicting the figure in partial segments with light accentuating the form. Small segments of the figure with highlights and contrast are attached in quilt like patterns to complete a larger piece which at first looks abstract until each segment is studied.

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