Morgan Janssen

Morgan Janssen

I do not accentuate gender or a clear identity when making work. Limbs, torsos and other extremities are combined together to utilize my ideas. These skeletal structures and poignant positions of both human and animal components are the bedrock of my interests. By disassembling and selecting various parts to make my own, I’m questioning states of discomfort that I created but never found a solution to; this continuous roadblock is what I feel attached to.

I am an independent artist making work beyond my art school experience. In 2013 I exhibited at Art Basel Miami in the emerging artists section of this international event. Since my undergraduate training, my goal is to work with faculty at a variety of institutions including the Ringling College of Art and Design and Art Center Sarasota. The central idea for me in the process is to absorb fundamental ideals in the teaching of art to children and adults at different levels of skill and understanding.

I am pursuing a career as an artist/scholar at a post-graduate level. Acknowledging recent developments in my art I feel I am moving away from Modernist Formalism towards a more expressive orientation in both my two and three-dimensional works.

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