If selected, an orientation meeting and SARTQ Handbook will be provided. 

● Artist can choose to pay annual membership dues of $250 or volunteer 25hrs.  Dues/volunteer hours can been paid/served over the course of the year.

● Artists must work and/or live in Sarasota/Manatee counties area upon joining the group.

● Mutual respect and professional conduct at all meetings and events is required.

● Artist status will be reviewed annually or upon Board’s  mandate.

● Group meetings will be held monthly basis, 12 times a year. Occasionally, the group may decide to hold a special sub-meeting if required for a special event. An artist may miss no more than two consecutive group meetings. Third consecutive missed meeting will be cause for review.

● Artists are encouraged to participate in all events and exhibitions. However, artists are NOT required to participate in every exhibition.

● Artists are expected to be involved all fundraisers.

● Artists are expected to volunteer their time and skills for the betterment of the group by serving a minimum of 10hrs in one or more of the Committees per calendar year.

● Artists are expected to be actively creating and producing new work, exhibiting at least once per year. Maintaining a studio space and website is preferable.

● Artists must be actively involved in digital discussions and communication regarding the group including reading and commenting and checking group emails and are encouraged to participate in online promotional activities. 
Any of the following will constitute grounds for dismissal from SARTQ: violation of this code of conduct, violation of exhibition contracts, and the use of SARTQ branding and/or licensing for individual advancement or for slanderous conduct that affects the standing of any member of the group.

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